Silver Chalice Triple Moon engraved designPerfect addition to your Wiccan altar12cms tall Ritual chalices are used for the element of Water, which is symbolic for the Mother Goddess. Use the chalice to hold any liquid for your magick, for offerings or drink. On a Wiccan altar, chalices are to be placed in the West: Water Element direction.Witches may use a chalice to:- Pour any liquid libations, like wine or juice, from a chalice for an elegant touch.- Leave your chalice in the rain for pure, natural water to use in making moon water or herbal infusions.- If you have a small coven, and it doesn’t weird you out to drink from the same cup, Chalices are a lovely way to seal the bonds of sisterhood.  Choose a blended wine, pass the chalice around the circle, and have each member pledge their friendship to the people next to her.- Use a “unity chalice” in place of the unity candle at a handfasting ceremony.  The couple each pours some wine into the same chalice, and then they each drink from it. - Fill your chalice with water, then add dragon’s blood ink or another dark ink to the water. Take it outside under the full moon and use it exactly as you would use a scrying mirror.- Leave your gemstones or crystals in your chalice with water and place in the moonlight overnight to cleanse and charge them. Just be sure you know your stones! Some dissolve in water!

Silver Triple Moon Chalice - Small