Black Cat Wax/Oil Burner 


Size: H12cm X W9cm X D8.5cm


This oil burner is inspired by a black cat and is a perfect addition to your sacred space! Makes for a great gift, paired with our range of wax melts.


Place one wax melt onto the top of the burner. Then, place a tea light candle inside the cavity and light. After a few minutes the wax begins to melt and you will soon be surrounded by the delicious fragrance being released from the wax melt.


Never leave a wax/oil burner unattended. The burner will get hot whilst in use. Keep away from children, pets and do not place near or on any flammable surfaces. Use a fireproof mat or plate under the burner to protect wooden or non heat proof surfaces. Do not try to move the wax/oil burner until it has cooled completely.

Cat Wax Melt/Oil Burner