This Cleanse & Protect Bundle includes all the basic witch tools one may need to magically cleanse and protect themselves and their sacred space and home. 
This bundle makes for a perfect gift, where all the hard work of choosing has been done for you, or hey! why not treat yo' self with one of these bundles! 
1 X 100ml Cut & Clear Aura Spray
1 x Bay Leaf Bundle
1 x Selenite Crystal (Tumble Stone) 
1 x Protection Charm Bag

Cut & Clear Aura Spray 
To rid your home, sacred space or aura from negative energies and provide you with a shield of protection. Great substitute for smoke cleansing.
Made with sage and rosemary essential oils, sea salt, infused with black tourmaline crystal, energiesd and charged with intention. 
Directions: Shake well and spray about your body, sacred space and workplace. Do not spray directly into face or eyes. 

Bay Leaf Bundle
Locally grown bay leaves hand wrapped into bundles by us! Use to smoke cleanse your home, sacred space or self. 
Bay Leaf Magickal Properties: Purification, Protection, Healing, Abundance and Wishes

Selenite Tumble Stone 
Magickal Properties: Cleansing, Divine Connection, Positive Vibes, Charges Other Crystals 

Protection Charm Bag
Witchcrafted by us to keep you magically protected! Keep in your pocket, bag or next to your bed you from negative energy and psychic attack. Comes with instructions on how to charge your bag each month.
Contents include: Black Salt, Rosemary, Lavender, Bay Leaves and Black Tourmaline Crystal 

Cleanse & Protect Witchy Bundle