Hand painted wooden two tone coffin box with pentacle & filigree embellishments 💜💗⠀⠀


➳ store witchy items⠀

➳ use as a decorative piece

➳ use in spell work ⠀⠀


✨ Coffin Box Ritual ✨⠀

Coffins are useful for “laying things to rest”. On a piece of paper write down anything you want to get rid of in your life. This could be bad habits or negative thoughts, even a crazy ex or toxic person in your life. Simply write your intention on the paper and place in inside the coffin box. As you close the lid visualize that thing you wish to get rid of floating away from you leaving you with a feeling of peace and comfort. Using a coffin box in this way is a type of sympathetic magick 💜⠀⠀


Coffin size- 30 x 15 x 8cms

Pentacle Coffin Box- Purple & Pink



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