The Self Love Sacred Smoke Wand consists of:🌹Rose for Love &Happiness💜Lavender for Tranquility, Puriification & Spiritual Healing  🌿Rosemary for Cleansing & Protection  Smoke cleansing is the ritual of burning herbs to purify unwanted or stagnant energies from a body, object or space and welcome in positive energy, thoughts and vibrations. These sacred smoke wands are perfect for self love and healing rituals, cleansing your sacred space and your own energy of low vibrational feelings to promote healing PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL SMUDGE WANDS ARE HAND MADE AND THE ROSES AND HERBS USED MAY VARY IN SIZE OR COLOUR ** AUS ONLY **DUE TO THE NATURAL MATERIALS USED IN THIS ITEM IT CANNOT BE SHIPPED OVERSEAS. ONLY CUSTOMERS LIVING IN AUSTRALIA SHOULD PURCHASE THIS ITEM. IF A CUSTOMER OVERSEAS DOES PURCHASE THIS ITEM IT WILL BE REFUNDED IN FULL. SORRY FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE

The Self Love Sacred Smoke Wand