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Yule is the celebration of the rebirth of the sun on the 21st of June in the Southern Hemisphere. It marks the winter solstice, which is the longest night of the year. The sun begins to grow in length each day after the winter solstice. During this sabbat we honour and give thanks to the sun for the light and warmth it provides. Yule is also a time for deep spiritual reflection. This kit was created to assist you in honouring the energies of this season; rebirth, new beginnings, reflection, sun energy and the winter solstice.

This kit includes all ingredients needed to perform your ritual, along with easy to follow instructions.

Yule Herb Tin containing;

Mistletoe, Pine, Cinnamon & Cedar

White Spell Candle

Frankincense Resin

Charcoal Disc

Spell Bag

Kambaba Jasper

Everything is enclosed in a reusable organza bag making it a lovely gift for yourself or someone else!

Yule Blessings Spell Kit

Only 2 left in stock
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