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About our Packaging

At Witchin' Wares​ we believe in reusing everything that can be reused where possible.


We do our very best to use recyclable and earth-friendly packaging. Our shipping boxes are made of cardboard and can either be reused or placed in your recycle bin. Sometimes we reuse boxes that we have received from one of our suppliers. Inside your packed order you will find your items wrapped in tissue paper which can also either be reused or placed in your recycle bin. To protect your items further we recycle old scrunched up newspaper, cardboard and other paper products we have received when ordering our supplies to use as filler. For breakable glass items or delicate handmade items we use recycled bubble wrap that again has been received when ordering our supplies. Please reuse the bubble wrap where possible, give to friends that may need it or recycle at your local grocery store in the soft plastic recycle bins.

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