The Anti-Anxiety Sacred Smoke Wand consists of:💜Lavender for Tranquility, Purification & Spiritual Healing  🌿Eucalyptus Gunnii for purification, healing, relieving mental exhaustion & stress. Smoke cleansing is the ritual of burning herbs to purify unwanted or stagnant energies from a body, object or space and welcome in positive energy, thoughts and vibrations. These sacred smoke wands are perfect for healing rituals & clearing your aura of low vibrational feelings. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL SMUDGE WANDS ARE HAND MADE AND THE ROSES AND HERBS USED MAY VARY IN SIZE OR COLOUR ** AUS ONLY **DUE TO THE NATURAL MATERIALS USED IN THIS ITEM IT CANNOT BE SHIPPED OVERSEAS. ONLY CUSTOMERS LIVING IN AUSTRALIA SHOULD PURCHASE THIS ITEM. IF A CUSTOMER OVERSEAS DOES PURCHASE THIS ITEM IT WILL BE REFUNDED IN FULL. SORRY FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE

The Anti-Anxiety Sacred Smoke Wand