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This Basic Witch Starter Bundle includes all the basic witch tools one may need for their day to day Magickal workings. This bundle makes for a perfect gift, where all the hard work of choosing has been done for you, or hey! why not treat yo' self with one of these bundles!⠀ ⠀


1 x Incense holder⠀- RANDOMLY CHOSEN*.

*Note If you are after a certian colour (purple, pink, green, black) please send us a message at checkout.

1 x Witches Altar Incense Pack⠀

1 x Spell Candle Multi Pack⠀

1 x Black Tourmaline Crystal⠀

1 X 100ml Jar Witches Black Salt ⠀ ⠀


Incense holder is perfect to burn your Witches Altar incense and catch those falling ashes.

Burn our Witches Altar Incense to freshen up the scent of your home, burn on your altar during spells and rituals, bath rituals or as an offering to your spirit guides, angels, deities etc. ⠀ ⠀ Frankincense scented incense sticks made from supreme quality ingredients. 100% chemical free – meaning it hasn’t been dipped into alcohol, perfume or in any other chemicals. High quality incense which has a strong scent but low smoke output. Always be careful when burning incense sticks and don’t leave them unattended. 15 sticks per pack. ⠀ ⠀


Spell Candle Multi Pack includes 9 candles. 1 of each of the following colours: white, green, purple, pink, blue, yellow, orange, red and black. Each candle burns for approximately 2 hours Perfect for quick candle magick and travel altars Size: 9.5cms * Never leave burning candles unattended * Always use a candle holder when burnig candles.


Black Tourmaline Tumble Stone Magickal Properties: Protection, Grounding, Repels Negativity, Cleansing and Balance. ⠀ ⠀


Witches Black Salt Uses: Cast a line across a door or window keep out evil avoid unwanted company, reflect slander or jealousy back to its source. Sprinkle in a yard, office or someone's footsteps so they will want to leave or move. Place in a bowl by your bed or bag under your pillow to ward off bad dreams, unwanted watchers or spirits. Keep on your person or on your desk to deflect gossip, rude co-workers and bullies. Use in bath water when depressed, angry & negative. Use in floor wash to cleanse your home and rid negativity.



Basic Witch Starter Bundle

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