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Hand crafted with love and full of magick, our Beltane Blessings Crystal Candle is inspired by the witches sabbat Beltane, which is traditionally celebrated on October 31st- November 1st in the Southern Hemisphere. At Beltane we celebrate the peak of Spring and the beginning of Summer. The Earth is coming to life again. Everything is greening, and a sense of infinite promise fills the air. ⠀

Infused with green aventurine crystal to promote abundance, a faery charm to represent the springtime land spirits, herbs corresponding with the energies of Beltane (elderflower, wormwood, cherry blossom, hawthorn berry) and a vibrant aroma of pink grapefruit, fruity pineapple, sweet melons, violet, geranium and juniper berry. ⠀

The Beltane Blessings Crystal Candle was made to assist you in celebrating this next turn on the pagan wheel of the year. ⠀

Our candles contain only natural soy wax and eco friendly cotton wicks. Each candle contains a specific, hand picked crystal each containing it's own magical properties to enhance the candles magick. Carry the crystal with you or keep it somewhere special after the candle has finished burning. Each candle has been made with intention, cleansed and charged under the moon ⠀

Burn time: approx 28 hours ⠀

Container size: 8 cm diameter⠀

* To extend the life of your candle please make sure to burn the candle all the way to the edges of the tin every time you light it; this prevents tunnelling and adds to the standard burn time.

Beltane Blessings Crystal Candle

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