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Hand crafted with love and full of magick, our Halloween Crystal Candle was created to bring you some spooky autumn vibes in spring. We realise that this time of year can be tricky for us Southern Hemisphere witches so we hope that our Halloween Crystal Candle brings you much joy.

Infused with snowflake obsidian crystal for protection and grounding, a jack-o-lantern charm to add to a necklace or bracelet, herbs that we feel correspond with the energy of Halloween (calendula, mugwort, cinnamon and rosemary) and a delicious aroma of cinnamon, clove, orange, pumpkin, vanilla, maple and nutmeg.

Our candles contain only natural soy wax and eco friendly cotton wicks. Each candle contains a specific, hand picked crystal each containing it's own magical properties to enhance the candles magick. Carry the crystal with you or keep it somewhere special after the candle has finished burning. Each candle has been made with intention, cleansed and charged under the moon

Burn time: approx 28 hours

Container size: 8cm diameter

* To extend the life of your candle please make sure to burn the candle all the way to the edges of the tin every time you light it; this prevents tunnelling and adds to the standard burn time.

Halloween Crystal Candle

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