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This witchcraft complete kit by WitchyJuJu comes with over 90 printable pages of magic fundamentals for your Book of Shadows or Grimoire.


Content included:



- Book of Shadows Cover Page

- 13 Goals of a Witch

- Magickal SymbolsTools of the Craft

- Simple Altar Layout

- Divination Tools

- Pendulum chart

- Tarot readings

- Rune reading cheat sheet

- Tarot/Oracle card of the day page

- Earth, Air, Fire, Water

- Elemental Wheel

- Moon Phase Magick

- Witchy Morning Routine

- Monthly Magick Planner (reusable)

- Monthly Mood Tracker (reusable)



- Yule (winter solstice)

- Litha (summer solstice)

- Samhain (Halloween)


Green Witchery

- Green Witch Activities

- Everyday Magickal Plants

- Sustainable Magick

- Herbal Recipes (potions)



- Wealth and Abundance

- Spell Enchantment for Self-love

- Full Moon Manifestation Spell

- Spell for Home Protection

- Spell Jar for Psychic Powers


+ 15 Decorative blank pages!


This is the perfect downloadable pack for those looking to start or expand their BOS/Grimoire. This download includes a total of 90 printable, hand-drawn pages in PDF format! Print them off and colour, paint, and decorate them to make them uniquely yours.


These pages if printed in A5 format will fit perfectly inside your blank Witchin' Wares

Book of Shadows! Happy Spellcasting, Witches!

Book of Shadows - 90 Hand Drawn Pages (Digital Download)

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