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Hand crafted with love and full of magick, our Ocean Goddess Candle is inspired by the water element. Allow the Ocean Goddess to wash you with her healing waves, provide you with emotional balance and bring peace to your soul. ⠀⠀

Infused with opalite crystal, seashell, pearl, rose, bladderwrack, lavender, violet leaf, peppermint and juniper berry with a complex aroma of bergamot, citrus peel, beach sage, sea salt, eucalyptus, jasmine, sugar flower, grapefruit and lavender. ⠀⠀

Our candles contain only natural soy wax and eco friendly cotton wicks. Each candle contains a specific, hand picked crystal each containing it's own magical properties to enhance the candles magick. The opalite crystal can be retrieved when the canlde has finished burning and carried with you in your pocket to help keep your mood stable and the pearl can be sewn on to charm bags to amplify its magick. After your candle has burned down, you can wipe out the wax residue and use the cauldron in your magical workings. Typically used for incense cones, to catch the burning embers while smoke cleansing or as a offering bowl. Each candle comes with ritual instructions and has been cleansed and charged under the Full Moon ⠀⠀
Burn time: approx 60hours ⠀
Cauldron size: 10cm diameter ⠀⠀

* To extend the life of your candle please make sure to burn the candle all the way to the edges of the cauldron every time you light it; this prevents tunnelling and adds to the standard burn time⠀ ⠀Please note: The cauldrons used for these candles are handmade. Their imperfections should not be classed as flaws or faults.

Ocean Goddess Cauldron Candle

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