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This Self Love Bundle includes all the basic witch tools one may need for some self love magickal workings. This bundle makes for a perfect gift, where all the hard work of choosing has been done for you, or hey! why not treat yo' self with one of these bundles!



1 x Rose Quartz Pendulum

1 x Pink Spell Candle Pack

1 x Rose Quartz Crystal (Tumbled Stone)

1 x 100ml Fires of Freyja Aura Spray


Pendulums have been used in magic and divination for centuries. A pendulum is a small weight, suspended by some kind of string like item. You concentrate on questions and read the direction the pendulum swings to gain answers. Pendulums are one of the easier divination tools for a new Witch to learn how to use.


Rose Quartz Crystal Properties: Love, Self Love, Peace & Healing Pink Spell Candle Pack The Pink Spell Candle Pack includes 5 candles (pink). Use in spells for love, self love, friendships, femininity, caring, affection, nurturing and compassion. Each candle burns for approximately 2 hours Perfect for quick candle magick and travel altars Size: 9.5cms * Never leave burning candles unattended * Always use a candle holder when burning candles.


Fires of Freyja Aura Spray Encourages feelings of self love, happiness and strength. Helps to open the heart chakra. Made with rose, jasmine, orange sweet & ylang ylang essential oils, infused with rose quartz crystal energies and charged with intention.

Directions: Shake well and spray about your body, sacred space and workplace. Do not spray directly into face or eyes.



Self Love Witchy Bundle

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