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Stay up to date with all the sabbats with this gorgeous Southern Hemisphere Wheel of the Year made from plywood. The perfect addition to any witches altar.

This wheel was created for Witches in the Southern Hemisphere!

The moon cycles on the board associate with the solstices and the time of year.

The eight phases of the Moon in order are:

- New Moon (Litha)

- Waxing crescent Moon (Beltane)

- First quarter Moon (Ostara)

- Waxing gibbous Moon (Imbolc)

- Full Moon (Yule)

- Waning gibbous Moon (Samhain)

- Last quarter Moon (Mabon)

- Waning crescent Moon (Lammas)

Laser engraved, they are handmade by Yiska Designs from beautiful Australian woods. 20cm diameter*

Please note: these boards are handmade so the colour may vary in areas from the one photographed

Wheel of the Year - Moon Phase

Only 1 left in stock
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