Witches Altar Ritual Soy Wax Melts - Pack of 4 Wax Melts.

Hand crafted with love and full of magick, these wax melts have a fresh, fruity and floral aroma, finished with biodegradable non toxic purple glitter, white sage and lavender garnish.

Our wax melts contain only natural soy wax and are made in Australia with locally harvested botanicals. 

Perfect melt size for our Cauldron wax burners.

Burn time: approx 8 hours 
Do not add water 
Keep in a cool dry place and in the packaging until ready to use to maintain the aroma. 

Never leave a wax/oil burner unattended. The burner will get hot whilst in use. Keep away from children, pets and do not place near or on any flammable surfaces. Use a fireproof mat or plate under the burner to protect 
wooden or non heat proof surfaces. Do not try to move the wax/oil burner until it has cooled completely.

Witches Altar Ritual Soy Wax Melts